bagsample5SADD Liquor Bag Campaign!
SADD's 2014 Liquor Bag Campaign is a great opportunity for your school or SADD Chapter to not only raise awareness about the dangers of impaired driving at your school, but also in your community!

SADD has FREE liquor bags for your school! 

Find out all the details here


Register your SADD Chapter!

Register the SADD Chapter at your school today and your school will receive a FREE SADD banner!

Regsitration only takes a minute and we request every Chapter to re-register at the beginning of each school year.


Check out this MAP to see if your school has already registered for the 2014-15 school year.



whiteout portrait2
November Activity:
White Out Day

The White-Out Day Activity is a great project your school can do to raise awareness about impaired driving with quick and simple resources!

Find out more information in our Monthly Activity Guide!

Tombstone Ideafinal copy**New** 
Click the tombstone image to download a neck sign template to use during your White-Out Day Activity!


  • 2014 Liquor Bag Campaign

    2014 Liquor Bag Campaign

  • Register Your SADD Chapter!

    Register Your SADD Chapter!

  • November Activity: White-Out Day

    November Activity: White-Out Day

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