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Research and collision investigations show that seat belts increase the chances of survival in a collision by 50 per cent. According to Transport Canada, almost 40 per cent of drivers and passengers killed in collisions were not wearing their seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Facts to Know

In Alberta, wearing a seatbelt is required by law.

In Alberta, the fine for not wearing a seatbelt is $115. Drivers are also responsible for the proper restraint of children under 16.

Free Roll of SADD Ribbon!

For a limited time, SADD Alberta is offering a free roll of SADD Ribbon to help your school promote awareness about the dangers of impaired driving.

The ribbon comes in a 300 ft roll and is a great resource for your "Tie One On" Campaign!

Cost: FREE$30/ 300' Roll

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SADD Activity Wristbands!wristband copy

SADD Alberta is excited to announce it's newest resource available to schools.

SADD is encouraging students to “plan ahead” and ensure they have a safe ride home at the end of the night. By having students write down their plan for a safe ride home BEFORE their activity, our goal is that students will get in the habit of planning ahead and making smart choices.  SADD’s Activity Wristbands are available to your school, free of charge*.

Cost: FREE   *More Info

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Valentine samples for WebValentine Success!
SADD Valentine Candygrams!

Thanks to everyone who participated in SADD's Candygram Activity in February.  

We sent out thousands of Valentines to schools across the province.  

Check back for more Valentines next year!

Thanks to all of the schools, students, community organizers, liquor stores and sponsors who supported this campaign.  Over 25,000 personalized liquor bags will be used across the province at participating liquor stores.


  • March - Occupant Restraints

    March - Occupant Restraints

  • Free Roll of SADD Ribbon!

    Free Roll of SADD Ribbon!

  • SADD Activity Wristbands!

    SADD Activity Wristbands!

  • Valentine Success!

    Valentine Success!

  • 2014 Liquor Bag Campaign: Success

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