Can I apply to Team SADD if I’ve never been to a SADD Conference before?

Yes, you can definitely apply for Team SADD even though you have not been to a conference.  though, it is considered an asset if you have attended a previous conference, it is not not mandatory.  Team SADD Coaches will provide you with all the necessary tools to succeed as a Team SADD member.

I have not been in SADD for very long, can I still apply for the team?

Yes! There is no minimum requirement of years involved in SADD for you to be a successful candidate.  Some of the best Team SADD members have not been involved with SADD for very long.

How much does it cost to be on Team SADD?

All costs are covered by SADD Alberta.  The only expense to the member would be any extra spending money.

If I am selected for the Team, how much extra time outside of the conference am i required to commit to?

If you make the team you are required to  be at the conference venue one day prior to the conference start date.  You will also be required to communicate with SADD’s Provincial Youth Coordinator and Team SADD Coaches via email.  You will also be required to meet at least twice throughout the school year (including summer) to discuss possible provincial wide campaigns and online articles.  Everything else will be done during the conference days.

If I make the team how do I get to and from the conference and the meetings?

SADD Alberta will be responsible for getting you to the conference, one day early.  After the conference you will to return home with your SADD Chapter.  You are responsible for making these return arrangements with your chapter.  As for the meetings throughout the year SADD Alberta will make sure you get to your meeting and back to your chapter.