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About us

About us and what we do

Since 1990, Students Against Drinking & Driving has been a driving force in helping educate young drivers about the dangers and consequences of alcohol-impaired driving.

Over the years, we have provided been a key source for schools and students who attended our conferences, participated in campaigns and help spread our message about safe and sober driving.

Today, SADD is still instrumental in providing resources and supporting student projects around Alberta.  Our focus has expanded to include other traffic safety topics that affect today's youth, including drug-impaired driving and distracted driving.

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These students are making a difference in their communities to help reduce the effects of impaired and distracted driving.

Have a student how's making a difference? Let us know! We'd like to recognize them.

Madeline C.

Morrin, AB
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Chase W.

Calgary, AB
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Christian D.

Consort, AB
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