SADD Liquor Bag Campaign

Open to students of all ages in Alberta!

 SADD Alberta proudly announces it's
2022 Liquor Bag Campaign

The Liquor Bag Campaign is available to all schools in Alberta, FREE of CHARGE!

This campaign is an opportunity for all Alberta students to add their personal message on the dangers of impaired driving to a paper liquor bag.  This activity assists educators in continuing the conversation about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Teachers, or project coordinators, order their free paper liquor bags online, then distribute the bags to their students so they can add their personal message and creative artwork on the bag.  Once the students complete their messaging, an adult or teacher collects the bags and provides them to local liquor stores.

How the project works:

  1. To order liquor bags for your school, complete the online order form.
  2. Have the students at your school decorate the bags with messages about driving responsibly and the dangers of impaired driving.
  3. Deliver the completed liquor bags to local stores to be used with regular liquor sales.

It's that simple!

Campaign Timeline:

October 23: Online Ordering for Schools Available*. 
November 7: Shipment of orders begins.  You should receive your bags soon!
November 4 - December 13: Students create their personalized designs on the bags. Ordering still open during this time!
December 5 - 23: Distribute the bags to local liquor stores in time for the holiday season.

*Ordering Notes

  • We encourage schools and community partners to pre-order their bags as it will assist us with managing the packaging and shipping process.  All pre-orders will be shipped after October 31.
  • The last day to order will be December 13.


Need more info?

Information for School Advisors, Project Leaders, and Parents (PDF)

Information for Liquor Stores (PDF)

Call us if you have questions!

For more information, SADD can be contacted at 403.313.SADD (7233)


Campaign Promo Video

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