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You've got great ideas.  We want to share them with students across the province!

Student poster design samples

Open Call for SADD Poster Designs


To have students create messaging in their class and discuss the dangers of drugged, drunk and distracted driving. SADD's goal is to share some of these great designs with the rest of the province!


  • This is a great activity for any students and we encourage all classes to participate!
  • We invite ALBERTA students in grades 7-12 to submit their designs to SADD Alberta for review and possible printing & distribution to high schools in Alberta.


Posters submitted to SADD should focus on one of the following topics:

  • Drinking & Driving (Alcohol-impaired)
  • Drugged Driving
  • Distracted Driving

Suggested poster themes could include:

  • Dangers, risks, consequences
  • Social situations, peer pressures
  • Education/awareness (i.e. laws)
  • Methods for prevention
  • Emotions / people who may be affected 

We encourage students to be as creative as possible, but some points that may prevent the reproduction of their design include:

  • Depicting underage consumption of alcohol or drugs.
  • Use of weapons
  • Foul language or images in poor taste
  • Use or depiction of specific brand names 
  • Use of any copyrighted material

If you have any questions about any of the criteria, feel free to drop us a line!


  • Submissions to SADD Alberta should be created using a paper size of 11"x17".  Other sizes may be used, however,  parts of the image may end up getting cropped if we try to re-produce it.
  • Both portrait and landscape layouts are acceptable.
  • Any media may be used in the creation of the poster, including pencil, paint, crayon, photographs or computer graphics.
  • Digital creations are accepted and encouraged. Please ensure no copyrighted material is used!
  • Image-only designs are acceptable, but we encourage you to include a message or tagline with your design.
  • Good candidates for printing and distribution should:
    -  Be clear and easy to read
    -  Be eye-catching 
    -  Have a message that is easy to comprehend


  • A number of options are available for submitting student poster designs:

    - Mail-in: 

Poster Submissions
SADD Alberta
PO Box 7220, Station Central
Calgary, AB   T2P 3M1

(Try to limit the number of folds/creases if mailing original artwork)

    - Email: 

Send to:  (File size limit is 5MB)

    - File Sharing: 

File sharing applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. can be used.  Contact us for details.


  • As this is an ongoing/open call for posters, there are no deadlines or cut-offs for submitting designs.
  • SADD does a number of production runs throughout the year, so submissions may be collected and reviewed at various dates.
  • Have lots of student designs but don't want to submit them all? We'd still like to see them! Post pictures of the designs to Instagram using the hashtag "#saddposter" and all the designs will be featured in the gallery above!


  • SADD Alberta reserves the right to re-print or not re-print any submission.
  • Submitting a design to SADD Alberta does not in any way guarantee it will be re-printed and/or distributed.
  • Any documents/files submitted to or shared with SADD Alberta become the property of SADD Alberta.
  • SADD Alberta reserves the right to re-post or share any design submitted or shared with them on any social media platform.
  • Additional parental consent will be required if any poster design is selected for re-printing / distribution.
  • SADD Alberta reserves the right to edit or modify any submission for the purpose of preparing a print-ready file or to incorporate any slogans, logos, urls, etc.
  • Submissions selected for re-printing must be completed by a student attending a school in the province of Alberta.