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SADD White Out Day

Activity:   SADD White Out Day


The leading cause of death among teenagers remains road crashes. In approximately 55% of these crashes, it is apparent that alcohol, drugs or both are factors. To give students and staff a visual representation of how many people are killed, SADD members will "white people out" throughout the event to give students a visual, and often emotional, representation of the impact of a loss due to impaired driving.


  • For this event, your SADD Chapter will provide white face paint and signs to be worn by your white-out participants.
  • Tombstone neck signs will be available for download from the SADD Alberta website prior to this month’s events (see below).
  • Current statistics on youth and impaired driving are available on the web at MADD Canada, as well as links to multiple additional related organizations.  


  • Start in the school office with a student list
  • Every 23 minutes throughout the day, randomly select a student from the list to represent the next ‘victim’.
  • The SADD students go to the selected students class and ‘white them out’ by painting their face white and putting a sign around their neck that tells the story of their death due to impaired driving.
  • Some SADD Chapters have used T-shirts to show that someone had been "killed" and on the back of them it said, "I have been a victim!
  • Please don't drink and drive!

TIPS for a Successful ACTIVITY

  • It is important to find students who want to be the “victims”, as it will make more of an impact if they are on-board with the event.
  • It is always best to use SADD students as opposed to random students but use what you have available.
  • This event should be in conjunction with morning announcements so that students understand what is happening.
  • It is important to have all the 'victims' meet at the end of the school day, where students can see the final numbers. 
Click the image to download a printable file of this sign