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'Tie One On' Ribbon Activity

Activity:   'Tie One On' Ribbon Activity


To bring awareness by tying a white SADD ribbon to the antenna of vehicles.  The ribbon serves as a reminder and discussion point about the dangers of impaired driving.


  • You can order your FREE roll of SADD ribbon from our Store (see below).
  • Other resources required for this event are cost effective – construction paper, paper, pens, pencil crayons, etc. It does not have to be elaborate and the messages can even be hand written for additional impact.  


  • Have some of your SADD students cut the ribbon into 12" - 16" lengths
  • Tie the ribbons onto antennas or back passenger door handles on vehilces in your school's parking lot.
  • Additionally you can leave a message under the windshield wiper of the vehicles as well.
  • This activity can be done in conjunction with other SADD activities.

TIPS for a Successful ACTIVITY

  • Consider doing a community ribboning blitz. Chose a location like a shopping mall, local business, etc.
  • Make sure you have the required permissions, and tie ribbons onto the parked vehicles.
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