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Activity:   Request a SADD Promo Kit


Promote SADD activities at your school with some cool SADD resources.


  • You will receive a School Promo Kit filled with promo and other print material to help inspire some ideas for events and activities students can do at your school to promote safe and sober driving.
  • Promo kits can be requested any time throughout the year.  One per school per year.  


 Here is a list of some of the planning activities you can do in September to get your SADD Chapter off to a great start:
  • Plan a school meeting with students interested in being part of your SADD Chapter
  • Review SADD's suggest projects and decide which activities or events the students would like to do throughout the year.
  • Brainstorm with the students to see if they have any ideas of their own
  • Determine if any events will require additional financial assistance and discuss whether sponsorship may be available or if fundraising activities may be required
  • Check out the posters and promo SADD Alberta has on their website to see if there is anything you can use at your school.

TIPS for a successful activity 

  • There are no limits to what your SADD Chapter can do or achieve, so make it the best it can be!
  • There are many different activities you can do throughout the year so it’s a good idea to plan early and pick the ones you think will have the biggest impact at your school.
  • Contact SADD Alberta with any questions you might have or for any assistance.
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