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Contract for Life

The Contract for Life has been part of the SADD program for over 20 years!  


  • The Contract for Life is an agreement between two parties to not drink and drive, or ride with someone who has been drinking. These ‘contracts’ are available for download from our website.

  • An important part of making this contract with another person is that you have a discussion about driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and also that you have strategies in place to not ride as a passenger with someone who is impaired.

  • The Contract For Life allows both parties to have someone they can call on, no matter what the circumstances.

  • Having this contract contact will ensure that nobody feels helpless or forced to be in a situation that they cannot remove themselves from but rather, they will feel that they have a solution to get home safely no matter what.

  • The Contract For Life has been used for decades and continues to be a powerful resource for students, parents, siblings and friends in that it creates a conversation as to what can be done as a safe alternative.

Contract for Life Gallery

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