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Tie-One-On Ribbon Activity

The Tie-One-On Ribbon Campaign is an easy way for students to leave a reminder for others at their school!


  • To bring awareness by tying a white SADD ribbon to the antenna of vehicles.  The ribbon serves as a reminder and discussion point about the dangers of impaired driving.

  • This event is designed to create awareness by having motorists tie a ribbon on their vehicle antenna or door handle to show they will not drink and drive.


  • Alberta schools and students can order their FREE roll of SADD ribbon from our Store (click button above).

  • Other resources required for this event are cost effective – construction paper, paper, pens, pencil crayons, etc. It does not have to be elaborate and the messages can even be hand written for additional impact.  


  • Have some of your SADD students cut the ribbon into 12" - 16" lengths

  • Tie the ribbons onto antennas or back passenger door handles on vehilces in your school's parking lot.

  • Additionally you can leave a message under the windshield wiper of the vehicles as well.

  • Students are encouraged to ‘blanket’ their school and community with SADD ribbons. Some great ideas that we have seen include:

    • Participating at Check Stops with local law enforcement (RCMP and City Police) and handing out ribbons with a card thanking compliant drivers for not drinking and driving.

    • Handing out ribbons and cards at gas stations while people are filing their vehicle.

    • Setting up a display in local shopping centres or large grocery stores.

    • Putting ribbons and cards in school staff mailboxes.

    • Putting ribbons and cards under vehicle windshield wipers in parking lots. (Be sure to get permission from the affected businesses before proceeding).

Tips for a Successful Activity

  • Consider doing a community ribboning blitz. Chose a location like a shopping mall, local business, etc.

  • An important note for this event is that YOU DO NOT tie the ribbons on any vehicle unless the driver is present and has requested you to do so. We hope that the drivers you encounter are supportive of the ribbon campaign and they themselves are someone who wants to put an end to impaired driving.

SADD Ribbon Photo Gallery

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