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White-out Day

An engaging activity for students to demonstrate how many lives are lost to impaired driving every day!  


  • Recent statistics show that in North America, every 23 minutes an impaired driver takes another victim. To give students and staff the visual representation of just how many people this represents, SADD members from the school will ‘white people out’.

  • SADD members will start in the school office, randomly picking names from a student list. Then every 23 minutes through-out the school day, the SADD students will go to the students class and ‘white them out’.

  • This involves painting their face white, perhaps having them put on a white shirt, gown or clothing, and putting a sign around their neck indicating their time of death at the hands of an impaired driver.

  • If you chose, you can add further detail to their story with the students’ assistance. This might include the names of their parents, names and ages of their siblings, the names of their best friends, etc. or those who will be greatly impacted by the loss.

  • Some SADD Chapters have made T-shirts for the victims, putting "I am the victim of an impaired driver! Please don't drink and drive!" or similar messages on the shirts.

  • Often, part of this event will have the ‘victims’ attend class but not speak to anyone throughout the day, partake in ‘fun’ events, etc. so their presence is seen but they are otherwise noticeably missing and missed by their fellow students.

White-Out Day Gallery

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