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SADD Student Poster Project

The goal of the Poster Program is to showcase student artwork and messaging as it relates to various traffic safety issues, including impaired driving.

About the Program

Every year, SADD Alberta prints and distributes traffic safety-related posters to over 500 high schools in Alberta.  Many of these posters are designed by high school students looking to make a difference in their communities.  The goal of this program is to showcase student artwork and messaging as it relates to various traffic safety issues, including impaired driving.


Design Themes

Road crashes remain one of the top killers of youth. The poster design program is targeted to specifically address the dangers or consequences of alcohol-impaired, drug-impaired and distracted driving among Alberta’s youth.


Who Can Enter?

The Poster Design Program is open to any Alberta student currently in Grade 7 to Grade 12.  Student entries must identify the name of the school they attend and a teacher contact.


Important Dates

The program opens September 1 of each school year.


To be considered for reproduction and distribution within the current school year, submissions must be received by March 15 of each year.  If received after this date, it still may be considered for use during the following school year.


Design Standards

These rules are not designed to eliminate any student from participating or to limit creativity. They are established to ensure SADD Alberta can effectively use the posters submitted for printing and distribution purposes. SADD Alberta reserves the right to accept or decline any submission.


Please ensure you have met the following requirements for your submission:


For the artwork:

  • All entries must be created in a size measuring 11” X 17”.

  • Both portrait and landscape layouts will be accepted.

  • All entries must be the sole work of the student. (While we understand that planning and encouragement may come from teachers, parents, friends, etc., all entries must be completed only by the student.)

  • Any media may be used in the creation of the entry such as photographs, paint, crayon, colored pencil, pastel, computer graphic, etc.

  • The artwork must be flat (no sculpting, layering, glued embellishments, etc.).

  • No commercially created or sponsored entries will be considered.

  • No part of the entry shall be copyrighted material. This includes images, photographs, clip art, etc. Entries with copyright material included will not be accepted.


For the details of the submission:

  • SADD Alberta reserves the right to make changes to the Student Poster Design Program as required.

  • All entries must include the Poster Design Program Entry Form with complete student information.

  • Parent/Guardian signatures will be required for participants under 18.

  • Entries should be submitted without damage to the poster, either flat or rolled without creases.

  • When possible, electronic entries will also be accepted.

  • All entries must reflect the contest theme and be age appropriate for distribution to Alberta junior and senior high schools (suitable for ages 13 – 18).

  • Entries will be reviewed by members of SADD Alberta’s Provincial Team.

  • Entries will be considered based on overall theme incorporation, originality, visual effectiveness and media application.

  • All entries become the property of SADD Alberta and may be reproduced in full or in part.

  • All entries may be edited by SADD Alberta to incorporate slogans, logos, etc. as required for printing and distribution.

  • SADD Alberta may choose to reprint any poster design for distribution to all Alberta high schools.

Student Poster Program Gallery

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